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    The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre is Australia’s premier outback heritage institution. Inside, the Centre’s five themed galleries proudly display the history behind some of Australia’s greatest and bravest explorers, stock workers, pastoralist, and Aborigines. The exhibits comprising an eclectic mix of objects, images, touch screens, audiovisual presentations and open displays, allowing visitors to interpret the outback story in their own unique way.

    The museum also houses a vast reserve collection which forms a unique work-in-progress display. From behind a glass wall, visitors can view archival material, photographs, artworks and various other items used for research and in new display development.

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    A world-class, award winning museum and cultural display, eloquently telling the story of the founding of Qantas through interpretive displays, interactive exhibits, replica aircraft and an impressive collection of genuine artefacts.

    QANTAS, the world’s second oldest airline, was registered on 16th November 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service Ltd. While Winton was the official birthplace of QANTAS, the company and operational headquarters were soon moved to Longreach in February of 1921 where a hanger and the country’s first purpose-built landing field were constructed. QANTAS was registered as a passenger and mail carrier from Longreach in 1922.

    The original hangar still stands today and is an integral part of the QANTAS Founders Outback Museum at the Longreach Airport. It features displays and other information about its original use and demonstrated the technology used by the aircraft industry during that era. The hanger where the fledgling airline constructed some of its first passenger carrying aircraft is arguably Australia’s earliest hangar building and is a vivid reminder of the pioneering days of commercial flight in Australia, the era of open cockpit biplanes landing on gravel runways. A replica of an early QANTAS booking office does duty in Eagle Street as the Visitor Information Centre.

    The museums collection incorporates four of the world’s most significant airliners – the Consolidated PBY Catalina Flying Boat, the Douglas DC3, the Boeing 707 and the legendary Boeing 747. In addition, we have full scale replicas of some of the most important aircraft in the early Qantas fleet – the DeHaviland DH-61 Giant Moth, the DeHaviland DH-50, and the Avro 504k Dyak; Qantas’ first ever aircraft.

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    Electricity was first generated from this site for the town of Longreach in December 1921. The power station, then owned and operated by the Longreach Shire Council was built by local contractors for a cost in excess of £19000.

    The first engines were Ruston & Hornsby charcoal gas units powering DC generators via a belt drive. The gas was produced on site using locally made charcoal. The original engines were gradually replaced as technology has further advanced. In later years, Longreach Power Station supplied power to Longreach, Ilfracombe and Isisford as well as a large rural grid.

    SOCIAL HISTORY HALL was the Longreach Office of the Regional Electricity Board from 1965-1991. It now houses the museum’s conservation storeroom and a small collection of Longreach social history. This includes:

    1948 era classroom built for the Primary School Centenary in 1993;
    the remains of the Longreach School of Arts Museum(1930-1970) ;
    a replica Airport Control Centre and;
    a collection of commercial office equipment, circa 1908 – 1950 from local business houses.

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    Experience the sense of freedom and adventure as you spend time exploring the charms of Ilfracombe, you can’t miss ‘the Great Machinery Mile’ an amazing line-up of historic machinery stretching over 1km.
    The collection of machines leads you to the Folk Museum, a replica of an early station residence, also situated within the museum complex is Oakhampton Cottage which offers a tangible glimpse into early outback households and Romani Hall, a memorial to the young men of the district who answered ‘the call to arms’ and is dedicated to Australia’s Light Horseman. Visit the Wellshot Centre learn about the story of Wellshot Station one of Australia’s greatest sheep and wool producers.


    Step back in time over 100 millions years of the prehistoric history is contained in this little town. The Outer Barcoo Interpretation Centre features the world class fossil exhibits including one of the oldest modern day crocodiles,’Isisfordia Duncani’ and the ancient Isisford Bulldog fish, which belongs to a group of fishes known as ichthyodectiform

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    Isisford has plenty to offer when it comes to history with the Main Street housing many of the older buildings like the Hooper & Brunkhorst Store, Butcher, Bakery and Wases store. Also within walking distance is the Whitman’s Memorial Museum and Park and the Isisford District Hospital Museum & Multipurpose Centre.

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