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A free and family-friendly performance of Opera Queensland’s new touring show, where pop and rock meet the classics. Making a stop at the Festival of Outback Opera at the Crackup Sisters; Dustarena, as part of its regional Queensland tour.

Do We Need Another Hero? is a fusion of the classical and the contemporary, seamlessly blending the grandeur of opera with chart-topping anthems that pay homage to heroes from every corner of our world. From the mythical valour of Hercules to the introspective depths of Hamlet, from the iconic Wonder Woman to the indomitable spirit of the working-class man, this production explores what it means to be a hero.

On this hero’s journey, you’ll find yourself taping your foot, clapping your hands and you might discover that true heroes are not only found in comic books; they can be found in the lyrics and melodies that inspire us.


Opera Queensland’s Festival of Outback Opera is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association and Haymans Electrical.

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