Getting to Longreach

Whatever your mode of transport, we look forward to welcoming you to the Longreach Region.

From Brisbane 1200km via Roma, traveling either the Matilda Way.
From Rockhampton 700km along the Capricorn Highway
From Mt Isa 700km along the Matilda Way
From Townsville 700km along the Flinders Highway via Hughenden and Winton
All roads listed are fully sealed.

QantasLink daily return flights from Brisbane to Longreach.

Rex Airlines flies twice weekly from Townsville to Longreach via Winton.

Read more will take you to the Longreach Airport for contact details and timetables of both airlines.

Spirit of the Outback
Brisbane to Longreach via Rockhampton
Distance: 1325 kms
Duration: 26 hrs
Departs Brisbane: Tues at 6.10pm & Sat at 4.10pm
Departs Longreach: Mon & Thu at 8.10am

Greyhound Coaches
Brisbane to Mount Isa stopping in Longreach, Monday through to Friday
Mount Isa to Brsibane stopping in  Longreach,Wednesday through to Sunday
Rockhampton to Longreach, Tuesday & Saturday
Longreach To Rockhampton, Wednesday & Sunday

Barcoo Way

Matilda Way

Channel Country Way



Longreach, Mount Isa, Charleville, Bedourie and Birdsville have coverage from Telstra only. Outside of these towns only Telstra Next G Network is available, usually within a 20km radius of towns. There is limited mobile phone coverage in the far south-west corner of the region, west of Quilpie. Public phones are recommended for extended travel in this area.


If you see stock or wild animals near the road, slow down; do not swerve or your vehicle may roll. Be patient with stock and wary of kangaroos and emus. It pays to be vigilant when driving in the Outback, especially either side of sunrise or sunset when kangaroos tend to be at their most active and the light makes seeing them more difficult.


In Central Western Queensland and remote areas, it is common to come across single lane bitumen roads. When coming across road trains and heavy vehicles on single lane roads, slow right down and move off the road to the left. If it is safe to do so move off the road entirely and stop to avoid any obstacles on the verge. In wet conditions edges tend to be soft and/or slippery, so you should always keep your right wheels on the bitumen and keep moving slowly to avoid getting bogged. Care should be taken when passing and overtaking road trains and heavy vehicles, including caravans. Ensure you have a clear line of sight, allow plenty of room and be prepared for vehicles to move a little from side to side as you overtake. If a road train is approaching to overtake you, move as far to the left as possible and stop if necessary to allow it to overtake safely.

Interactive Map

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